John Paul Bohon – Scheele’s Green

This Bandcamp Friday, do not miss out on John Paul Bohon’s ambient epic, Scheele’s Green. Available through Aural Canyon, this collection of cosmic soundscapes was slowly crafted over a period of three years. Bohon worked tirelessly to ensure that each track featured all of the right ingredients to produce the desired tone and atmosphere. UtilizingContinue reading “John Paul Bohon – Scheele’s Green”

Nashville Ambient Ensemble – “Horizons” Music Video

Get your Friday started on a deeply mellow note with the relaxing new music video for “Horizons,” by Nashville Ambient Ensemble. Just released today to coincide with the vinyl preorders for their upcoming album on Centripetal Force Records, Light and Space, the video for “Horizons” is a minimalist yet abstract animated piece, full of flowing,Continue reading “Nashville Ambient Ensemble – “Horizons” Music Video”

Eve Maret – “Arc of Emotion”

Versatile electro artist Eve Maret takes us into a lush dreamscape with “Arc of Emotion.” Available on the 6th volume of Centripetal Force’s excellent Altered States series (titled Earth and Space), this track shows off some of the Nashville experimental musician’s deep range. Maret is a multidisciplinary sonic artist that dips into everything from technoContinue reading “Eve Maret – “Arc of Emotion””

Hipwell – Gardenworld

Fall under the hypnotic post-rock ambient spell of Hipwell’s Gardenworld. Island House Recordings is on a roll. Every release on this label so far has been a total game changer. Gardenworld is certainly no exception. Adam Hipwell got his start in post punk and post rock groups around Melbourne, Australia, but here, he weaves grandContinue reading “Hipwell – Gardenworld”

Holland Patent Public Library – Songs To Fall Asleep At The Wheel To

Are you going to be on a long, lonely drive soon? Need to unplug from the world for a bit? Need to unwind? No worries, Holland Patent Public Library has you covered. Available today on Dear Life Records, Songs To Fall Asleep At The Wheel To is a collection of contemplative instrumental tracks by RyanContinue reading “Holland Patent Public Library – Songs To Fall Asleep At The Wheel To”

Centripetal Force Records to Co-release Albums by Wasted Cathedral and TENGGER

The good folks at Centripetal Force Records are doing the lord’s work by bringing the world Retreat Into Fantasy Soundtracks, by downtempo post-rock wizard, Wasted Cathedral, and Earthing, by the renowned ambient family band, TENGGER. Wasted Cathedral, a solo side-project of Canadian musician Christopher Laramee (from Shooting Guns, The Radiation Flowers and The Switching Yard),Continue reading “Centripetal Force Records to Co-release Albums by Wasted Cathedral and TENGGER”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 75

This episode intermingles daring contemporary jazz with cosmic ambient dreamscapes and a bit of folk rock to give you a little taste of autumn. Check it out below: If you like what you’re reading, please help keep RCU thriving. You can show your support by becoming a patron at our Patreon account or you can make aContinue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 75”

Eric Arn – Misuse: a live mix

You can knock out your drone, ambient and fingerstyle guitar fixes all in one go with Eric Arn’s Misuse live mix. Available through the great Ramble Records, this album is a collage of Arn performing across Europe between 2014 and 2015. Throughout the single 50 minute track, you’ll hear the former Crystalized Movements member slideContinue reading “Eric Arn – Misuse: a live mix”

Cole Pulice & Nat Harvie – Strawberry Roan

With Strawberry Roan, Cole Pulice and Nat Harvie brewed together a kaleidoscopic jazz oasis that you’ll want to savor again and again. We have the good folks over at Aural Canyon to thank for this little DIY ambient gem. This cassette contains cottony soft soundscapes made up of analogue synthesizers and samplers, along with aContinue reading “Cole Pulice & Nat Harvie – Strawberry Roan”

The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 72

Dip into some deeply cosmic zones with us today on this episode as we sample from artists like Seawind of Battery, The National Park Service and Acetone. Check it out below: Keith Speaks! (1) Crystalline Shadows – Seventh Shadow of The Sun – s/t Light on the Horizon – Seawind of Battery – Clockwatching Rescuers’Continue reading “The Record Crates United Mixtape – Episode 72”