The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation Today [Psychedelic Rock/Garage Rock/Psych-Pop]

The Prefab Messiahs’ are back with a vengeance. Out on Burger and Lollipop Records, on January 26th, the Boston group’s latest, Psychspoitation Today, is a jagged garage-pop reaction to the madness of our times. Songs like “The Man Who Killed Reality” and “The Last Day on Earth” call out the current commander in chief andContinue reading “The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation Today [Psychedelic Rock/Garage Rock/Psych-Pop]”

Record Store Viewing #2

Who’s Burger Records? Who’s Burger Records?! What’s wrong with you?! Ok ok, no judging, I promise. I actually didn’t really know who BR was until I started to notice their name on a few of my albums (namely by The Go and Night Beats) and decided to look them up. After several visits to theirContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #2”