The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation Today [Psychedelic Rock/Garage Rock/Psych-Pop]

The Prefab Messiahs_Psychsploitation...Today

The Prefab Messiahs’ are back with a vengeance.

Out on Burger and Lollipop Records, on January 26th, the Boston group’s latest, Psychspoitation Today, is a jagged garage-pop reaction to the madness of our times.

Songs like “The Man Who Killed Reality” and “The Last Day on Earth” call out the current commander in chief and his…unique…style of rhetoric with snide lyrics and catchy, acid-spiked pop hooks. Approaching political topics with their “we’re all mad here” kind of tone helps to make you laugh at the situations, which in turn makes them that much easier to handle. For this reason alone, Psychsploitation Today couldn’t have dropped at a better time.

All throughout the album, the band is in top-form, playing with endless energy and a scorching attitude. On every track, the group mixes killer guitar fuzz, jangly percussion and lysergic harmonies in a completely irresistible way. For instance, “Warmsinkingfeeling,” is a pure acid-punk nugget that demands multiple listens with its devilishly fuzzed guitars, scuzzy sax and David Johansen-like vocals.

Much like the rest of The Prefab’s work, this record is beautifully timeless. It simultaneously feels like it belongs in the ‘60s, ‘80s and in the current age. With songs as strong as “Outtayerhands,” “Sometimes Sunnydaze” and the title track, I feel confidant that this album will continue to sound fresh 20 years into the future.

EDIT: You can buy this album below:

Lolipop Records CD ordering:
Burger Records cassette ordering:
Digital via all regular outlets
…including the group’s Bandcamp:

and you can watch the music video for the title cut here:

Be sure to keep also keep an eye out for live dates towards May of this year.




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