rootless – Other Reasons

On Other Reasons, rootless significantly expands the horizons of his own sound and creates an utterly inimitable piece of work. Available now on Island House Recordings, this tape finds rootless (AKA Jeremy Hurewitz) bringing not only multiple sets of vocals to the mix, but also violins, tablas and other percussion instruments. Rootless’ previous albums dwelledContinue reading “rootless – Other Reasons”

Itta – Eyewalk

Tengger’s Itta has made a triumphant return with the beautifully ethereal Eyewalk, on Aural Canyon Records. Released last Friday on cassette and digital, this record features the Seoul, South Korea-based ambient musician creating the most angelic of soundscapes with just her voice and a Yamaha SY22. Across the album’s six tracks, Itta utilizes her vocalsContinue reading “Itta – Eyewalk”

Paul Hares – The Magic of Awareness

Paul Hares’ The Magic of Awareness is a tidal pool of handcrafted sounds and shadowy improvisations. Hailing from Russia, Hares is a true auditory sculptor, as this album finds him manipulating various recordings and noises into vast ambient seascapes. Across the album’s two side-length tracks, Hares experiments and treats analogue tapes with a whole array ofContinue reading “Paul Hares – The Magic of Awareness”