On Other Reasons, rootless significantly expands the horizons of his own sound and creates an utterly inimitable piece of work.

Available now on Island House Recordings, this tape finds rootless (AKA Jeremy Hurewitz) bringing not only multiple sets of vocals to the mix, but also violins, tablas and other percussion instruments.

Rootless’ previous albums dwelled mainly within the realms of solo guitar, ambient and drone music, with other elements of adjacent genres drifting in, but this record is probably the furthest evolution of his sound yet.

“Half Truth,” for instance, opens with a wash of cosmic synths, which harkens back to some of his previous releases, but it eventually blooms into a mysterious acoustic raga, complete with chanting ethereal vocals (some of which are credited to Matt LaJoie, who also plays guitar on the track) and hypnotic hand percussion. It’s like you’re hearing rootless’s music metamorphosing in real time.

Elsewhere on the record, you’ll find shadowy acid folk dirges with ghostly vocals by Ash Brooks (“Feet of Clay”), primordial sound baths (“Other Reasons”) and fingerpicked meditations backed by tabla and strings (“Who Am I?”). This is an album that shows just how deep of a range rootless possesses, and how beautifully suited his music is for collaboration. What other previously unheard musical direction could rootless possibly take from here? Only time will tell.

Click here to get your copy today.



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