Liner Notes with Ken Brenninger of Blues Ambush and Philadelphia Record Exchange

Ken Brenninger is a fierce guitar slinger who spent time in bands Fully Glazed and Storks, before joining up with Jesse Sheppard from Elkhorn and Dave Siebert from Jackie O Motherfucker to form the sludgy acid hurricane that is Blues Ambush. Brenninger also works at the famed Philadelphia Record Exchange, which is indeed an essentialContinue reading “Liner Notes with Ken Brenninger of Blues Ambush and Philadelphia Record Exchange”

Record Store Viewing #9

Hey there folks. With Record Store Day just around the corner, it’s getting close to wrap this little series up. Luckily for those of us interested in this sort of thing, there are countless other such documentaries & films that discuss record stores and record collecting and no blogging series could possibly collect them allContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #9”

Record Store Viewing #8

Today I want to talk about the youtube fad that seems to be going around of what some call, “record store find videos”. These are basically what they sound like, they usually just have some guy in his room showing off records that he bought recently. I have to say, I’m not a huge fanContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #8”

Record Store Viewing #5

This great 20 minute documentary from 2011 is about on the East Coast’s best known record shops, The Princeton Record Exchange. What’s interesting about this film is that it details how an established fixture in the vinyl world built itself from the ground up. In my opinion, this along with Scotti Records should be awardedContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #5”

Record Store Viewing #4

Just a quick post today folks, as I have a few other pressing matters at hand. Anyway, entry #4 in this series is “Selling Records: The Documentary”. What makes this mini-doc stand out is that it looks at the record store more from a business standpoint. This focus reveals how selling records actually works andContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #4”

Record Store Viewing #3

And the series continues! This 7-minute doc, Turnaround- A Vinyl Records Documentary features mainly Australian record stores and interviewees. This tribute to the record store and records in general is fairly subdued in a really great way. The film almost comes off as a relaxed visual poem, which is not exactly what one would expectContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #3”

Record Store Viewing

Well folks, it’s officially 40 days until Record Store Day 2013! It’s quite easily one of the best days for collectors of records and all music in general, and is certainly my favorite day of the year . So to get extra pumped up for this year’s installment, I’m tracking down documentaries, short films, clipsContinue reading “Record Store Viewing”

Long Live The Bop Shop

When you think about it, a record store is really like a museum, only it allows for its visitors to walk away with their relics. When you stand within one, you are surrounded by decades and decades of recorded voices, sounds, hopes and dreams. Each black circle within its cardboard sleeve is like a coveredContinue reading “Long Live The Bop Shop”