The World of Promo Films (Part 1)

What we know of today as the music video started out in the ‘60s as the ‘Promo Film’ or “Promotional Video.” These were essentially short films made to advertise a band’s new single, usually to replace an in-person appearance on a TV show or, in The Beatles’ case, to make up for concerts in general.Continue reading “The World of Promo Films (Part 1)”

Joe Boyd & Robyn Hitchcock Doing a Tiny Desk Concert

A while back, I came across an incredible recording from one of the stops on the Joe Boyd reading tour (with excerpts of his fantastic book, White Bicycles). Accompanied with his was the enigmatic Robyn Hitchcock, playing covers of songs by the artists that Boyd read about and worked with, including the likes of SydContinue reading “Joe Boyd & Robyn Hitchcock Doing a Tiny Desk Concert”