Record Crates United Mixtape #1

From here on out, I will be posting a mix of songs that are relevant to my posts via I’m thinking of a mix every ten or so posts. So here’s the first gathering of songs from my previous posts.

Record Crates United Mixtape Volume 1
1. Drifter- Amorphous Androgynous
2. Listen Little Man- Amorphous Androgynous
3. Make You Smile- Dear Nora
4. Born to Fly- Up-Tight & Makoto Kawabata
5. Collapsing- Up-Tight & Makoto Kawabata
6. Until Now- Antietam
7. Graveyard- Antietam
8. Seraphim- Tara Key
9. I Found Out- Tara Key
10. They Came in Through the Window- The Night Beats
11. The Sniper at The Gates of Heaven (Live at KEXP Radio Studios)- The Black Angels
12. Demon in The Ground (Live at The Bop Shop)- Peter Stampfel
12. High and Low- The Vacant Lots
13. 6 AM- The Vacant Lots

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