Record Store Day Wrap Up

Hey folks, I hope you all had a good Record Store Day last week. I know I did even though it was the first RSD I spent at a different store in years and even though I didn’t get there first thing in the morning and missed a few records I had on my to-grabContinue reading “Record Store Day Wrap Up”

Record Store Viewing #10

Well folks, get out the money you’ve been saving up and rush off to the shop of your choice, because today’s Record Store Day!  As you may know, in celebration and preparation for RSD, I’ve been posting video clips, documentaries and the like about record stores and records in general. Today is my final entry in thisContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #10”

Check out my interview with Screaming Females

My interview with Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females was just posted to The Waster. If you haven’t heard them yet, I would HIGHLY recommend it!! Link:

Record Store Viewing #9

Hey there folks. With Record Store Day just around the corner, it’s getting close to wrap this little series up. Luckily for those of us interested in this sort of thing, there are countless other such documentaries & films that discuss record stores and record collecting and no blogging series could possibly collect them allContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #9”

Record Store Viewing #8

Today I want to talk about the youtube fad that seems to be going around of what some call, “record store find videos”. These are basically what they sound like, they usually just have some guy in his room showing off records that he bought recently. I have to say, I’m not a huge fanContinue reading “Record Store Viewing #8”

My feature on The Black Angels is on!

The Black Angels “The Brazen Rebellion of Indigo Meadow” (Click the above) A little while back, I got to interview the highly insightful and hugely friendly singer of The Black Angels, Alex Maas, for The Waster. Eventually it evolved into a feature and it went online as of last night. Definitely check it out asContinue reading “My feature on The Black Angels is on!”