Well folks, get out the money you’ve been saving up and rush off to the shop of your choice, because today’s Record Store Day! 

As you may know, in celebration and preparation for RSD, I’ve been posting video clips, documentaries and the like about record stores and records in general. Today is my final entry in this series of posts and I’d like to wrap it up with two of my favorite videos that focus on records. 


The first is probably one of the most well known record store documentaries, I Need That Record! There are some great interviews here with the likes of Thurston Moore and Lenny Kaye as well as some interesting insights on record stores as a local independently owned business, as a source of a new music and as an american tradition. Here’s a trailer: 

A good percentage of this documentary focuses on the tragedy that is the disappearance of record stores. The interview clip at 1:35 of this video says it all folks. 

The final video I want to feature on this series is a clip of Harvey Pekar, the late famous Cleveland-based realist-graphic novel writer and well-known jazz record collector talking about his obsession with jazz albums. Here he tells an anecdote of when his collecting reached its ultimate low and the camel’s back was finally broken which drove him to stop collecting. It’s interesting, it’s funny, and it’s kind of sad, but definitely relatable (much like most of Pekar’s work). 


Happy Record Store Day folks, have fun!


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