Phew, sorry for the huge delays in posts everyone. Life has a habit of getting very busy and complicated all at once, so it seems. Not to worry though, posts shall return to this humble spot in the cybernetic universe in due time. 

I have been at work on some reviews elsewhere though, most of which I am certainly proud of. For the next issue of Elmore Magazine, I have a review of Way To Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake, My Garden State by Glenn Jones, Good God! Apocryphal Hymns, The Source Family Soundtrack and the new boxset of Otis Redding singles. I don’t know how they feel about me reproducing my reviews for them, but I might go the weird route and just photo copy the printed reviews and post them here once the magazine is in (just because).

After trying my hardest at being an adult and trying to save my money for a few months, I finally got to drop some cash at the record store and picked up some great releases. Here’s a list of those purchases and other things I’ve been listening to lately (some of which might end up as reviews here, but we’ll see):

-The Wonderous World of Damon & Naomi (Bootleg Edition)

-Damon & Naomi with Ghost (with bonus 7″)

-Indigo Meadow by The Black Angels

-Schatzi and Hazeltine’s Happy Birthday Baby 7″

-King Tuff’s Screaming Skull 7″

-Guided By Voices’ Plantations of Pale Pink 7″

-Mark Lanegan/Karen Dalton split cover 7″

-Death Valley Girl’s No Reason (just a solitary track available on their bandcamp, but god is it great stuff!)

-The Ergs!/Lemuria split 7″

-The Ergs! Jersey’s Best Prancers EP

-Cherry Glazerr’s Papa Cremp

-Peach Kelli Pop’s II

-Colleen Green’s Sock It To Me

-Tashaki Miyake (everything, literally everything from their discography)

-The early mixes for the upcoming debut EP of Black Sonic Revolver

-(Re-listening over and over again to) Rain Parade’s Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

-This amazingly mind-meltingly psychedelic performance from Thailand:


Also if you want to read some of my reviews of some prime acid rock albums as well as some fine interviews (written by other fine folks) of artists like Christian Bland, Dead Sea Apes, Kandodo, Goat, Allah-Las, Mmoss, The Holy Drug Couple, The Paperhead, etc, then you can do no wrong by ordering the latest copy of Optical Sounds!!!!!! Image


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