Missiles of October- Better Days

Missiles of October – Better Days


Sludgy guitars, doomy growling vocals and an idiosyncratic sense of humor make Better Days by Missiles of October a truly must-hear record of 2017.

These noisy, Belgian hardcore rockers really know how to make you want to headbang and scream along to their music. Every song on this album is filled with infectious rhythms, chunky riffs and attitude. This is the kind of music that you blast in your car after the end of a crappy week at your job to wring out all of your pent up frustrations. This is the kind of music that will get your adrenaline running and help you get through pretty much anything.

The overall sound on this record is very mucky and thick, largely thanks to the chainsaw-like buzzing guitars, snarling bass and explosive drums. The band at times sounds somewhat similar to the likes of the Melvins, Tad and Flipper. The production work here is even reminiscent of the ‘80s and early ‘90s work of Steve Albini. This album definitely earns a place on your shelf right next to your favorite SST Records releases.

There are many strong tracks here, but it’s hard to top “Blah-blah-blah.” The guitar here sounds like a speeding racecar revving past your ear and the insatiable rhythm will make your head bob and your feet tap involuntarily but most of all, how can you not enjoy a song that is constantly yelling “you’re saying blah-blah-blah, it’s just blah-blah-blah!”

Also, the remixed bonus tracks are pretty damn cool. Both songs feature an incredibly atmospheric, post-apocalyptic acid-punk vibe that brings to mind groups like Crystal Fairy.

Venomous, aggressive and endlessly fun; Better Days will certainly make your day a thousand times better, no matter what life is currently throwing at you.

Better Days is currently available for download, cassette and vinyl via What’s For Breakfast? Records




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