The Fuzzlers – Gourd of Truth

The Fuzzlers- Gourd of Truth


Athens, GA experimental punk oddities, The Fuzzlers are…are…well, their Facebook page biography puts it best:

The Fuzzlers are the worlds greatest Mutant Foamcore band! Created by the mysterious Professor Scientist, The Fuzzlers are the results of the infamous “Substance Experiments”. Considered another “failed attempt at the perfect hybrid” by their Creator. The Fuzzlers suffered constant abuse and torment. To flee was their only hope at a decent life.

Upon escaping the dastardly scientist’s lab, The Fuzzlers armed themselves with musical instruments, and the assistance of abused mutants everywhere…”

The Fuzzlers are a fun, fictional group that plays their music in character à la Gorillaz or The Rutles, and the music that they play is heavy, glitchy and often hilarious.

The EP is quite short, especially since most of the tracks are under a minute, but it continues the narrative of the group hiding from and battling the evil Professor Scientist, which is a plot that started on their previous EP, Cyber. The story of this bizarre punk-opera is told through the use of tight, little thrashing blasts of hardcore jams that are interwoven with sped-up spoken word tracks and queasy electronics.

This delightfully strange concept EP feels like a descendent of everything from Trout Mask Replica, Meet The Residents and the Fraggle Rock soundtrack. The Fuzzlers also bring to mind the late, hardcore Simpsons-themed Otto Mann from King Pizza Records.

It might not be everyone’s sense of humor, but I find The Gourd of Truth to be endlessly entertaining. We need more bands that can rock this hard while being this absurd.

You can track down this EP digitally or on tape cassette through What’s For Breakfast? Records.

*(EDITOR’S NOTE: I really hope that The Fuzzlers someday release a twisted take on the old story tapes/records with a book that you read along to.)


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