Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O – Electric Dream Ecstasy [Acid Rock/Space Rock/Experimental Rock]


For over 20 years, Acid Mothers Temple, through a multitude of different line-ups, side projects and collaborations, helped pioneer the current revival of psychedelic rock. The most recent addition to the group’s intimidatingly dense discography is the totally game-changing Electric Dream Ecstasy.

The Brazilian label Essence Music, released EDE on limited CD, limited black vinyl and special edition (which comes on gold vinyl with the CD and an additional stunning handmade & hand-painted hanging banner artwork). The album finds the group (here officially going by the specific Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. moniker) excitingly reaching new dimensions and exploring new galaxies of sound.

The Vinyl Edition Album Cover

“From Planet Orb With Love Part 1” is rich with AMT’s signature oscillating, nebulous electronic noises, all flailing around Kawabata Makoto’s inimitable guitar pyrotechnics. The drumming here is a tad tighter and closer to a standard rock style than most AMT Records tend to feature (which only hints at the rhythmic changes that are in store further along in the record).

Following this solid jam is one of the group’s most unique interpretations of their classic astral dreamscape, “Pink Lady Lemonade.” Lonesome acoustic guitars and even an occasional harmonica give the immensely spacey track a slightly earthy, acid folk vibe. In some ways, this track sounds like if Pearls Before Swine jammed out with Fifty Foot Hose.

Next up is the burned out “Sycamore Trees.” Lead by a wobbly, heavily manipulated vocal, this hauntingly dreary track creeps along with washes of Hendrixian, shrieking guitars and dark brooding static. The band reaches near-post rock territory here, sounding somewhere between Mono, Om and a rapidly approaching hurricane.

Closing out the album is a surprising and starkly contrasted reprise of the timeless “Pink Lady Lemonade.” Within the first minute of this track though, it becomes quickly apparent that this is an entirely different ‘Lady.’ While the central repetitive riff is still present, the band takes a radically different approach to the song by setting the guitar loop to a thumping, electronic dance beat.

“Pink Lady Lemonade” is to Acid Mothers Temple as “Dark Star” is to the Grateful Dead. It’s an often sprawling and hypnotic slab of cosmic rock improvisation that has a life of its own. Nearly every version is different and takes on many unique characteristics, especially as the piece grows in age and the band’s lineup changes. In this way, it’s very exciting to hear sucha drastic change to the song, even if it might be a little jarring to some fans at first. Approach the almost 20 minute piece with an open mind though, and you’ll surely be rewarded with a fun, intensely spaced-out time.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO once again prove that they’re the truemasters of interstellar, mind-scorching contemporary acid rock.

The links to purchase Electric Dream Ecstasy are below:

– CD (Available now):

– LP (Pre-order):

– Special Edition (Sold out):





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