Modern garage rock legends, Peach Kelli Pop, are thankfully back once again with the great Gentle Leader.

Eight years since the release of the first PKP album, Allie Hanlon, the founder/sole full-time member and songwriter of the band, is still cranking out highly original and unbelievably satisfying power pop/sugary punk nuggets.

While some of the tracks on Gentle Leader are softer and more reserved than what one might expect from PKP, they are still massively addictive ear candy. Songs like “Honey,” “Parasomnia” and “King Size” are like total aural sunshine that you’ll want to hear over and over again.

With that being said, many of the songs still retain a rocking punk-garage sound set at a break-neck speed. The beautifully defiant “Don’t Push Me,” with its biting guitar licks, inhumanly fast drumming and in-command attitude is an especially noteworthy example of this.

It also must be said that Hanlon’s voice is without fail, purely sweet and remarkably tuneful. One would think that vocals like that would have trouble with keeping up with the energy of or clash with a garage rock backing, but it always works.

Take “Black Cat 13” for instance. The quick song features crashing drums, sickly distorted guitars all set to a racing rhythm, and yet Hanlon’s high and clear singing somehow fits in perfectly.

If you find yourself in any kind of bad mood, slapping on this ingeniously catchy record would easily be your best bet for an improved day.



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