Tribal, elemental and yet surprisingly digestible in a modern sense, An Eagle in Your Mind’s latest album is a welcomed unexpected entry in the acid folk genre.

This French nomadic duo combined here New Age-y atmospherics with earthen and eclectic folk instrumentation along with occasional electronic beats and samples in a resulting sound that is not unlike if folktronica pioneers Tunng crashed a Linda Perhacs recording session.

This unusual addition of electronic elements gives this otherwise stoic and esoteric record some levity that can at times be even fairly danceable. In this way, it would be very easy for this album to become relatable to and pull in an audience that might not otherwise come into contact with outré folk music.

Every song on Miraculous Weapons sounds totally unlike all of the others. So it’s fairly difficult to compare them, but a personal favorite track of mine is “Cave of The Darling.” The piece is built around a lead phased banjo, slightly ill drone and breathy, bluesy vocals. Shades of Mariee Sioux, Espers and Thinguma*jigsaw are certainly evident throughout this cryptic but intensely listenable recording.

Strangely primal and absolutely dripping with the ambience of the natural world, Miraculous Weaponsis a heady mix of textures, colors and sounds that will certainly never bore you, no matter how many times you listen to it.



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