Ever since emerging onto the neo-psychedelia scene back in 2013, Kikagaku Moyo has released one excellent gem after another. Masana Temples is certainly no exception, as it finds the band once again at the top of their game.

Far more collectively mellow and tranquil than previous Kikagaku albums, the group’s fifth full-length is a cool, dreamy soundscape that makes you feel like you’re floating down a calm floral sea of warm pinks and soft yellows.

All throughout the record, meditative sitars, gently pulsing keyboards and peaceful waves of transcendent guitar create a sweetly hallucinogenic mood that completely envelops the listener and takes them to a hazily beautiful state of mind. Even the harder moments of the album, like the later portion of the mind-blowing “Fluffy Kosmisch” and the bangin’ jam sections of “Gatherings,” are rather positive and leave the listener feeling as though they are hovering away.

Based on my previous description, you would be surprised to learn that the album boasts several moments that are pretty damn grooving and dare I say even danceable! Tracks like “Nana” and “Dripping Sun” are sleek up-tempo pieces filled with undeniably catchy rhythms and an intensely radiant energy.

Complimenting these bits of ear candy are hushed acoustic pieces like “Amayadori” and the album’s fingerpicked closer, “Blanket Song.” These gorgeous slices of sunny acid folk conjure up the likes of Bridget St. John, Constantine and More-era Pink Floyd. Utterly peaceful. Utterly striking.

Masana Temples is a sparkling display of Kikagaku Moyo’s strengths. From astral folk to mellow psychedelic jams and moments of raw acid rock, this album will likely please a vast spectrum of psych fans.




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