Los Mundos – Calor Central


“Is this a monster or an island?

I’m seeing a beastly outline

Horizons terrify.

This sea will be called like you


Apparently calm

A corpse that speaks

Can breathe

Tangled up in plants

….this selection of translated lyrics from “Subterráneo Mar Jurásico” (“Subterranian Jurassic Sea”) perfectly describes Calor Central by Los Mundos in a nutshell: a dark, foreboding behemoth shrouded in death and doom.

Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, Los Mundos wield rumbling Black Sabbath-ian riffs, machine gun drumming and an entire Necronomicon-full of monstrous lyrics and sinister atmospheres.

Some may refer to this record’s sound as “stoner rock,” but that would seriously do it a major disservice. While it might bear some similarities to bands like Electric Wizard, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats and Lucifer’s Friend, Los Mundos’ vibe is somehow more immense and acid-influenced.

This feeling is perhaps at its absolute peak during “Olas de Lava.” Faux-sitar drones blanket the entire track, as mesmerizing beats and chanting vocals sway together like some sort of hallucinogen-fueled ritual. The entire song is both disorienting and spellbinding enough to make any listener feel as though they’ve just been dosed with something strange and ancient.

If you want to hear a record that has strong Lovecraft-on-peyote vibes while being as brutal as a battle-axe, Los Mundos’ Calor Central is the album you need. Get it here if you dare…


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