Meadowsilver’s on a roll with the release of their latest single, “Midsummer’s Queen.” The track is as transcendent and bucolic as a sunny day in a field of heather, but a creeping dread seeps just below the surface…like as if the shroud of death is lurking just out of sight.

As always, the band (made up of Gayle Brogan (Pefkin), Grey Malkin (Widow’s Weeds) and Stephen Stannard (The Rowan Amber Mill)) perfectly evokes the rustic menace and the pastoral hallucinogenic nature of folk horror movies here, but this track’s very title and lyrics are immediately reminiscent of the latest entry in this small cinematic genre—Midsommar. Yet unlike that film, this song is purely English, sounding not unlike a mushroom-fueled musical seance inside the Cecil Sharp House.

Within the track’s nearly four-minute run time, acoustic guitars, woodwinds and strings swirl around whipping Moogs and other keyboards, creating a surreal soundscape that feels both bewitched and haunted all at the same time.

Grab the track on Bandcamp now right here.



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