Nick Vander ft. Felipe Bazan – Flow Corridor


If the world of Eraserhead had bands playing on street corners for pocket change, I imagine they might sound like Nick Vander and Felipe Bazan’s murky avant-garde jazz nugget: Flow Corridor.

Drenched with a haunting home-recorded closeness and lo-fi hum, this release possesses an immense presence. Vander and Bazan, both of The Equinox Collective, tether together here spidery guitar abstractions with subtle saxophone chirps. The two instruments work in tandem to create lonesome, spectral soundscapes, through the use of a generous helping of reverb and wah-wah effects.

The tracks, which appear only like ID numbers, branch from stoic post-rock territories, like with the opening “#E461,” to cosmic Eddie Hazel-esque guitar meditations, like “#4B55” (which may be my favorite moment of the album).

These obtuse pieces are so enigmatic and carry so much character, it’s a surprise that they’re not from some sort of lost acid-inspired soundtrack to a cursed surrealist student film. Each track conjures up a plethora of unusual and unsettling images and moods. If you play this album alone late at night, you might find yourself wanting to keep a light on at all times.

Eerie, dreamlike and wholly original, Vander and Bazan’s Flow Corridor is a release that you’ll want to revisit often (especially during the shadowy days of October…)

You can download the album here.


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