It’s that time of year again, the greatest time of the year if you ask me. So let’s dwell in the atmosphere of the season with this new mix I put together of some of my favorite horror film scores and eerie dark ambient tracks:

  1. Into The Light – Mark Korven
  2. The Creature – Alexandre Desplat
  3. Disorder – The Haxan Cloak
  4. The Occulted Moon – The Northern Lighthouse Board
  5. (ET) Main Titles – John Williams
  6. The Seance/Talk To Us! – Ken Wannberg, Rick Wilkins & Howard Blake
  7. The Ritual – Ben Lovett
  8. Coronation of the Witch Queen (Part 2) – Jill Tray and Paul Mercer
  9. Gassed – Bobby Krlic
  10. Bruder des Schattens – Popol Vuh 
  11. The Sea King’s Fury – Mark Korven 
  12. The Hooden Horse- The Northern Lighthouse Board
  13. Arboria Tapes – Sinola Caves
  14. The Girl I Left Behind Me – Alison Cotton
  15. The Jersey Devil – Jim Albertson



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