Carlos Ferreira – A Glimpse of Hope


If you need to feel more at ease, then Carlos Ferreira is the artist that you need in your life.

Released on the aptly named Healing Sound Propagandist label, Ferreira’s A Glimpse of Hope is 51 soothing minutes of gently bright cosmic tones. These glassy, softly ringing drones are created entirely through the use of guitars and loops, but you’d swear that they were being produced by some sort of synthesizer or perhaps some heavily manipulated recordings of choirs singers.

The entire lengthy piece rolls and sweeps like passing clouds in a wide-open sky. The longer you let it drift around you, the more it and its positive vibes seep into your mind, leaving you and your body in a deeply relaxed state. Much like the label’s namesake, the sound of this record is in fact very healing indeed.

If you enjoy the likes of Phillip Wilkerson, Rudy Adrian or any of the more minimalist styled episodes of NPR’s Hearts of Space, then you need to give this album a listen.




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