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Abimaro’s latest single finds the singer-songwriter reaching deep into her soul, and revealing its barest elements through the sound of her voice alone.

“Folding” deals with how falling deeply in love with someone can be both an exhilarating joy and a potentially painful experience. Not many artists can acutely describe the beauty of a new passion, while also addressing the sacrifices, risks and the inevitable hurt that comes from truly loving someone…all within one song. Yet she does so magnificently.

Abimaro drives her message straight into the very fabric of your heart through the delicate and yet oh-so powerful tones of her vocals. With being only accompanied by an acoustic guitar, this track is another fine example of how her voice is the most dynamic and effective instrument at her disposal. No need to cram in a dense array of other musicians and effects; the simpler the arrangement, the better.

If you’re a devotee of the impassioned and complicated works of artists like Laura Nyro, Nina Simone and Judee Sill, then you need to give this song a listen ASAP:




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