Plates of Cake – Decline and Fall


Brooklyn’s Plates of Cake is the best kind a group. The kind that sounds quite different on every song, while still retaining a voice that is uniquely their own. This is most evident on their brand new release, Decline and Fall. 

From maudlin bedroom pop to Paisley Underground reinventions and the occasional mod-garage banger, this record leads you on a tour of the band’s vast spectrum of tastes and talents.

For instance, “Rendition,” an instrumental jam with slight psychedelic leanings, shows off the group’s improvisational chops while songs like the humorous “CIA Man” and “Misery Behind Her,” finds the group blending quite disparate things like ska beats and country rhythms with ’90s-inspired riffage.

Regardless of whatever sounds and styles they take a twist through, all of Plates of Cake’s songs are jam-packed with memorable melodies and deeply catchy hooks. After hearing tracks like the Rain Parade-esque “Gallery Girl” and the “A Quick One (While He’s Away)”-like multi-faceted “Papa Didn’t Leave No Number,” just once, you’ll be humming them to yourself throughout the rest of your day.

If you like the blenderized pop-concoctions of Guided By Voices, The Magnetic Fields and The Modern Lovers, then there’s a place on your record shelf for Decline and Fall.

You can pre-order this album today right here ahead of it’s December 13th release.


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