A murky world beyond your strangest dreams awaits you in Million Brazilians’ Urban Fossickated Octave. 

Formed from the roots of bands like Smegma, Big Blood and Cerberus Shoals, this lineup of MB is absolutely fierce. Throughout the length of the record, they tear through swamps of distorted tape loops, cursed drones and the torched remains of jazz. To say that their sonic concoctions are otherworldly would be a dramatic understatement.

A major strength of this record is its organically loose form. The music here is so free-flowing, it nearly feels as though it lacks shape entirely—yet despite that, there is a symphonic structure to the madness. The collage of morphed saxophones, strangled cassettes and ill synths is arranged like a mangled interpretation of sounds that you hear in nature. Mutated flutes flutter like birdsong, while alto saxes blare and shudder like a gale ripping through trees as odd percussion chirps quietly undertow like distant crickets. This natural, improvisational approach gives the record an excitingly unpredictable quality. Whenever a song starts, you never can quite tell just how it will end.

A standout moment is the twenty-minute opening soundscape that is “Release of the Ectoplasmic Mystagogue in Three Movements.” Through this nightmarish suite, rivers of brassy shrieks weave into dark cesspools of sighs, ghostly piano and the hum of possessed machinery. Each instrument and every note appears to operate on instinct rather than intention. A piece like this cannot be taught, no matter how much you study it. It is just…born,

See for yourself by grabbing this album on limited edition vinyl from Feeding Tube Records today or from downloading it from the group’s Bandcamp page.




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