On the days that you just wish you could be on any other planet than Earth, Tarotplane is the artist to listen to. His guitar and synth meanderings can, without fail, transport you through space and alien worlds. The excellent Feedback Sutras is certainly no exception.

The record is built out of two sprawling guitar and synthesizer soundscapes that slowly drift like some vast astral objects passing through the night sky. During each track, Tarotplane (A.K.A. PJ Dorsey), densely packs multiple layers of Michael Rother-esque solos with Moebius-like electro drones until the piece feels completely alive with sound.

The Feedback Sutras is a rather peaceful and calming listen, no matter how trippy it can sometimes get. The cosmic synth explorations of the title track glow with a placid and benevolent vibe, while sonically channeling Ashra and Live at Pompeii-era Pink Floyd. Yet the textured guitars that buzz, snarl and whimper throughout “Between Two Islands” sometimes hint at a pent up frustration, which gives the track a slightly unnerving tension. You start to get the feeling that Dorsey might explode on his instrument and shred up a storm at any moment. That aggressive shift never comes though, as the song ends on a stoic note. A fittingly reserved finale for a deeply chill album.

An enormously rewarding experience each and every time you play it, Tarpotplane’s latest offering is a genius piece of kosmische musik that any fan of the genre would immediately become addicted to. When you’re looking to make an order from Bandcamp during their Juneteenth donation day this Friday, be sure to grab this LP from VG+ Records.

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