The Record Crates United Mixtape #28: An Interview with Ramona Stout


Be sure to tune in to tonight’s episode of The Record Crates United Mixtape, as we have the privilege of hosting the great Ramona Stout. Stout is a record producer, writer, podcaster, and scholar of ethnomusicology. She is perhaps best known for her highly acclaimed compilation of rare mid-western gospel music, No Other Love (pictured above), which came out last year on Tompkins Square Records.  

I spoke with Stout about her music collecting background as well as her past and upcoming releases. Ramona worked on many of these projects with Christopher C. King, (who was actually the one who introduced us). So you can kind of look at this episode as a sort of companion piece to our interview with King. 

So head on over to tonight at 8pm EST and hang for a while.

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