Color Green’s self-titled EP very well could be the most acid-fueled modern country rock album to date.

Recorded entirely on an analogue Tascam recorder, Color Green sways with a stoned swagger. Mellow drumming chugs every tune along like a lone big rig cruising down an empty freeway. Meanwhile, velvety harmonies intertwine with melty pedal steel guitar lines and gliding arid solos, creating a sound that is both laidback and deeply lonesome.

Comprised of Noah Kohll and Corey Madden (along with the help of Eric Carney, Alex Amini, Coley Gold and John “Catfish” DeLorme), Color Green perfectly captures here the nomadic traveler spirit that inhabits everything from the best of the Dead and The Flying Burrito Brothers, to the written works of Kerouac and Ferlinghetti. Every vocal sounds road weary, each guitar solo feels exploratory and adventurous (especially during the very Jorma-esque ending of “Night”). Even the EP’s crisp lo-fi sound quality and the ever-present tape hiss that hangs in the background seem to suggest the sounds of wind blowing past a speeding vehicle or the hum of a fading radio station on a car radio.

The sheer talent that these folks have for songwriting, instrumentation and crafting a cohesive sonic atmosphere completely transcends their potential New Riders/F.J. McMahon/Kathy Heideman influences. After a debut like this, there will surely be many great things in this band’s future.

You can buy a download for this stellar EP right here. All proceeds from the early sale of the release will be kindly donated to The Native American Music Fund, which works to gift children of the Navajo community with music lessons and instruments.


Instead of donating to me right now, please consider donating to any of these sites to help fight racial injustice.


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