Help Lindsay Clark Release Her Next Album.


Folk-inspired singer-songwriter and RCU fave, Lindsay Clark, recently fired up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the recording and release of her next album, Carpe Noctem.

Clark’s Crystalline LP from 2018 was a gorgeously melancholic and personal record that was nothing short of moving. When I reviewed it at the time, I had said that it sounded “somewhere between the pastoral folk of Meg Baird and the baroque chill of Judee Sill, Clark’s compositions are nothing short of beautiful.” Two years later, and my opinion on this record and Clark’s song craft remain completely unchanged.

With this in mind, of course the news of a new record was exciting, but Clark is intending to be joined by William Tyler, Nathan Salsburg, Jeremy Harris (Devendra Banhart, Vetiver), Marissa Nadler and Mirabai Peart (Joanna Newsom/Alela Diane), among others at the Panoramic studio in Stinson Beach, CA. So the ante is raised even higher. In short: this record needs to be heard.

In order to cover the costs of recording, PR and to properly pay every contributing musician (the Kickstarter breaks down the costs as: Studio Time – $3250, Engineering – $2750, Musician Fees – $4000), Clark needs a little assistance from the fans.

Backers will essentially be preordering the album prior to its recording, but there are different tiered rewards, of course:

  • For $10 pledges, you’ll receive a thank you note mailed to your address as well as be given access to music videos and singles first.
  • For $25 pledges, you’ll get the album on CD (with a digital download), along with a digital collection of unreleased and rare B-sides.
  • For $50 pledges, you’ll receive a vinyl copy of the album (with a digital download) and a totally unique watercolor print painted by Clark.
  • For $100 pledges, you’ll receive a physical copy of the album (either CD or vinyl) and an extremely limited edition book of Clark’s own poetry.
  • For $250 pledges, you’ll receive a physical copy of the album (either CD or vinyl), plus a personal astrology/tarot reading from Clark herself.
  • For $500 pledges, you’ll receive a physical copy of the album (either CD or vinyl) and Clark will perform a private livestream concert to you and your friends.
  • For $1,000 pledges, you’ll receive a physical copy of the album (either CD or vinyl) and once traveling allows for it, Clark will perform a house concert or at an arranged venue close to you.

If funding for an album prior to production seems a little odd to you, please consider what the life of your average musician might be like right now during the pandemic. Just imagine how difficult it can be to release a new project or to even just make a living. I won’t be surprised if this Kickstarter format or Patreon becomes the new normal for every independently released record (yet, I hope with all of my heart and soul that this will not have to be the case).

You can read more about the details of Clark’s Kickstarter here. Please consider being a backer. The world needs this kind of music now more than ever.


Instead of donating to me right now, please consider donating to any of these sites to help fight racial injustice.


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Keith Hadad, the creator and manager of RCU, has been a contributing writer to Elmore Magazine and and maintains a regular column, “Keith Hadad’s Choice,” in Blicker magazine. His writing has also appeared in the Smithsonian Folkways' Guest Blog and the Optical Sounds Fanzine. Also, please check out the blog's super-active Instagram account, @recordcratesunited for daily blurb-styled music reviews.

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