Prana Crafter – MorphoMystic

On Prana Crafter’s latest record, William Sol seems to be channeling and processing the storm of today’s societal and worsening environmental climate through his guitar playing. .

The ever astral Sol treats the album as one long, continuous song. Each track seamlessly flows into one another, as if we’re being guided through a single meditative journey through his inner mind. So this is best experienced in a single sitting (editor’s note: as most LPs should be).

Armed with just electric and acoustic guitars and synthesizers, Sol leads the listener down a winding path through the forests of his imagination, as he himself is lead by the light of inspiration

As the record progresses, frustration and darkness appear to be filtered through distorted solos, drones and walls of fuzzy static. The music arcs from tense but quietly repetitive notes at the start of the album, into a raging electric monsoon (like on the searing “Chalice of The Fungal Sage”), before eventually blooming into the peaceful acoustic-lead climax that is “Starlight Sing Us a Lullaby.” By the time you reach this fitting closing track, it sounds as though Sol has worked through what was troubling him, and he has now reached a state of clarity and calmed acceptance.

This album makes for an excellent example of how to deal with the horrors and irritations of 2020. Just meditate on what’s plaguing your mind while creating something, whither it be artistic or otherwise, and you can come out the other end feeling at peace.

Based on the nature-related song titles and how the music tends to flow with the momentum and pace of wind rustling through forest canopies and rivers snaking their way through deep ravines, it could also be argued that the album is a sonic representation of Sol utilizing the natural world to reset his mind and spirit while spending time off the grid.

However you may interpret this album, it cannot be denied that listening to MorphoMystic is a purifying experience. If you need to recharge your soul after suffering through some debilitating stress, just slide this record on your turntable and breathe deep.

Copies of this album in the UK seem to be out, but it appears that you can still order from Feeding Tube Records. Get yours today.


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