Al Riggs and Lauren Francis – Bile and Bone

For a particularly introspective dose of smooth ear candy, look no further than Al Riggs and Lauren Francis’ Bile and Bone.

Recorded over the course of two years, this record finds Riggs and Francis blending together elements of confessional folk rock, baroque pop and ambient atmospheres. This unique stew of sounds and styles breathes life into Riggs’ lyrics, which deal with everything from relationships to werewolves and queer politics.

The majority of the album gleams with an icy chill, with every instrument bouncing slightly with a little echo. Yet the record occasionally expands its sonic horizons, like with the roughly textured lo-fi bedroom pop of “Livalon” or the densely layered and very Bryter Layter-esque “Dying Bedmaker Variations.”

Despite being an absolute kaleidoscope of different musical flavors, the record is consistent with its pure accessibility. Every track is laden with catchy hooks, pleasing vocals and charming melodies.

If your music collection contains albums by the likes of Judee Sill, Will Oldham and David Bowie, then Bile and Bone belongs in your stash, too.

You can preorder this record on tape and CD (with zine!) right here ahead of its September 18th release.


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