Old Million Eye – Set & Drift

Old Million Eye’s Set & Drift is a swirling, hazy sea of mystical and ethereal sounds.

Being a project of Brian Lucas (of Dire Wolves), one would come to expect Old Million Eye’s music to be abstract and yet, the variety of unusual sounds and directions taken on this album still feel fresh and exciting.

The tape opens with the meditative “Ash Sorter,” which combines warm synths waves with shimmering percussion and Lucas’ softly reverberating vocals, setting a deeply dreamy tone for the rest of the record. It sounds like what might have happened if Tom Rapp started Pearls Before Swine in Germany in the early ’70s.

Elsewhere on the album, Lucas dives deep into Kosmische territory, like the dizzying and very Faust-like “Summer Saved,” and the soaring dreamscape that is “Return of the Son.” He doubles down on those cosmic vibes on the album’s instrumental tracks, like the astral “Morning the Scientist” and the “Innerludes II” sound collage, each of which echo the work of Cluster and Kawabata Makoto.

For a lo-fi psychedelic experience with a surprising amount of layers, check out Set & Drift right now. Click here to find the last remaining copies on cassette.


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