April 2021 Roundup

April’s been a whirlwind month for us here at RCU towers, but we still managed to keep our ears glued to a massive amount of new and recent music. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the releases that have stood out to us this month the most:

Davide Cedolin and Tito Ghiglione – Guitar Meditations “In C”

Guitarists Davide Cedolin and Tito Ghiglione create soaring acoustic suites on the transcendent Guitar Meditations “In C.”

Hailing from Italy, the pair play sweeping soundscapes built from braided guitar lines that chime delicately at a mellow pace. Strong folk vibes abound, along with echos of the slide work of Ry Cooder and the arid desolation of Bruce Langhorne.

If Elkhorn’s Acoustic Storm Sessions were inspired more by the likes of Peter Lang, then it might of sounded sort of like this.

This album rolls as pleasantly as a relieved sigh. Any fan of modern fingerpicking records needs to give this a listen. Check it out on the pair’s Bandcamp page today.

Blake Hornsby – Teetering on the Edge of the Void

Blake Hornsby, of whom we’ve reviewed his most recent album, Dogwood Dance, leans far heavier into the eccentric acid-fueled end of the psychedelic folk spectrum on last year’s Teetering on the Edge of the Void.

Hornsby throws together a massive collection of esoteric instruments and styles on this album, achieving a sound that is entirely peerless. Yes, you might be able to draw comparisons to the more eclectic records by The Incredible String Band or The Olivia Tremor Control, but that just barely scratches the surface.

From sitar ragas to swirling sound collages and solo guitar meditations, this LP covers an impressive amount of ground. One minute, you could have a carnival of jangling bells and phased vocals cascading over a didgeridoo drone, then the next you could be thrust into a Basho-like acoustic fantasia.

This is a record that never ceases to amaze nor surprise. Right when you start to get comfortable in a certain vibe, Hornsby rushes you off into a completely different direction. You will never be bored while playing this album.

Get your copy from Hornsby’s Bandcamp page today.

Jack Silverman – Now What

Jack Silverman, a guitarist from the Nashville Ambient Ensemble (whom you might remember from such blogs as…oh right, this one), released a stunning EP back in March, and we can’t get enough of it.

Now What is a heady brew of hard-edged free jazz, industrial beats and dusky experimental rock. Shades of Les Claypool and Tom Waits can be felt in the shadowy atmosphere that hangs over the entire release, as well as the malevolent sax playing (provided by Josh Smith) and the skronky guitar sound on “Cerulean.”

Yet, Silverman proves himself to be an ever-versatile artist across the EP’s three tracks. There’s a deeper noir-prog fusion vibe that permeates through the slamming “Searchlight,” that could easily be a total show stopper when performed live. Then, on the opening tune, “Mixed Signals,” Silverman weaves slightly Latin-flavored guitar lines through an oscillating haze of spectral tones and hypnotic rhythms.

Fans of John Zorn, Bill Laswell’s Bass Terror and Avishai Cohen Trio’s Gently Disturbed would simply adore this release. Additionally, if you loved the debut album by the Nashville Ambient Ensemble, then this is unquestionably required listening. Click here to get your copy now.

Rosali – “Pour Over Ice”

One of the records that I’ve been most looking forward to this spring is Rosali’s third LP, No Medium, which is set to be released by Spinster Sounds on May 7th. “Pour Over Ice,” the latest single from this album proves that my high hopes were not in vein.

Backed by the David Nance Group, who help to give this song a grungy garage crunch, Rosali feels as loose and confident as ever. Her double-tracked voice soars like a young Judy Dyble and stings with a genuine sense of melancholia. You will not be forgetting this vocal performance any time soon.

With tasty riffs and addictive melodies, this song is perfect ear candy and deserves to be played on every radio station (and very loudly, at that!) To check out the song yourself, just watch the video below.

Click here to preorder your copy of this album today.

Remember Ecstatic Duo – Palo Santo

Ambient and Krautrock fans are not going to want to miss out on Aural Canyon’s cassette release of Remember Ecstatic Duo’s Palo Santo.

RED is comprised of Kristine Reaume on flutes and Michael Sharp on synthesizers, and the pair create entrancing soundscapes that transport the listener into the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

Each track features blossoming flute solos that swerve through seas of reverberating synth patterns and pools of soft drones. The album’s sound is reminiscent of the work of bands like Popol Vuh, Ash Ra and early Tangerine Dream.

Aural Canyon often labels their releases as “healing music,” and Palo Santo is certainly no exception to that classification. When you put this album on, you instantly start to feel yourself become less tense. Listen to it closely while on repeat for a few hours, and you’ll likely reach a state of total inner peace.

Click here to preorder this gorgeous release ahead of its May 7th release date.


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