For a heavy macro dose of wild cosmic jams, look no further than the new split release by Acid Mothers Temple & Infinity Rising Zero and Perhaps.

Released today by Centripetal Force Records for US orders and Riot Season for UK/European buyers, this split features a pairing made in acid rock heaven. Acid Mothers Temple & Infinity Rising Zero, the latest of the many side-projects of Kawabata Makoto’s legendary space rock collective, Acid Mothers Temple, perfectly compliments the astral funk explorations of the mysterious group known as Perhaps.

Kicking the record off is the 22-minute “Mad Smiles,” by Perhaps. The Boston-based acid prog group takes the listener on a journey through the stars with molten phasing guitars, a typhoon of retro keyboards and a multitude of other trippy effects. The sprawling epic tune revolves around a funky drumbeat and repetitive kosmische synth phrases, but the band stretches way, way out, often veering into Hawkwind and Secret Saucer territories. You’ll be floating in space after only the first few minutes.

On the flip side, AMT&IRZ erupts like a super nova with their single suite-length track, “Free Your Infinity Desire.” Nearly speed-metal paced drumming races behind the group while bubbling synthesizers and incinerating guitar solos chase each other from speaker to speaker. Afrirampo’s Pika provides vocalizations and spoken word recitations that emerge occasionally through the jam, bringing to mind the work of bands like Gong and Cosmic Jokers.

This is a piece that will fry your mind and pump your heart full of adrenaline. When played back-to-back with the Perhaps track, this song will leave you feeling like you’re ricocheting across the galaxy.

Order your copy on vinyl or digital today. (Click here if you’re in the UK/Europe).

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