Greta Ruth – The Fawn

Some of the most intimate and delicate music you’ll likely encounter this year is Greta Ruth’s stunning collection of songs, The Fawn, which will see its first cassette release on American Dreams Records this week.

Originally released on Corrector Records, The Fawn was recorded last year but its songs were all written between 2012 and 2019. Each track is fairly minimalist, featuring just Ruth’s hushed vocals and reserved acoustic fingerpicking. The album maintains a quiet tone with a subdued energy, which creates the feeling that you’re listening to a private moment of a secretive artist not intended for outside ears. Yet, this vibe makes Ruth’s songs, especially her lyrics, feel even more raw and personal.

Even after a single listen, it becomes apparent that Ruth is indeed a gifted songwriter. Her lyrics are poetic and revealing, filling each song with strong, evocative imagery and confessions that are as honest and real as blood and bone.

A fine example of this is “Taut,” which uses chrysalis metaphors to describe a fear of changing and losing parts of yourself when you become one with a romantic partner. Yet, it goes a step further and describes the pain of the partner after they have ultimately ripped themselves from the speaker’s bonded body, and destroyed what kept their life together stable and secure, which was in this case the silk that hung them from the trees. It’s a potent song that sticks with you long after you hear it.

Serene, tender and beautifully visceral, The Fawn is a record that you’ll want to reach for in both the finer and more arduous moments in life. It will unquestionably be the companion you’ll need. Get it from American Dreams on cassette or digital today.


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