Wasted Cathedral – I’m Gonna Love You ‘Til The End Of Time

Wasted Cathedral’s I’m Gonna Love You ‘Til The End Of Time is an electro sound bath that displays a vast versatility and an insatiable desire to experiment.

To be released tomorrow on Centripetal Force Records (and on the 29th through Cardinal Fuzz for our UK/EU readers), this latest effort by Saskatoon musician Wasted Cathedral (AKA Christopher Laramee of Shooting Guns, The Radiation Flowers and The Switching Yard) is a showcase for his more relaxed and minimalist side.

On songs like the opening track, “Alan Parson Stairway,” Laramee builds slowly oscillating loops from swirling keyboards and chiming guitar until the pieces become hypnotic cyclones of meditative sounds. The same could be said about the dreamy concluding song, “Trees,” which additionally employs a faint beat in the background, which helps to keep the repetitive track feeling fresh and lively across its eleven-minute runtime.

Elsewhere on the album, Laramee glides seamlessly into lo-fi instrumental hiphop territory, like on the smooth “Traffic Lights,” which sounds something like a Wun Two and Tommy Guerrero mashup. Moments like these keep the record feeling superbly mellow while adding a bit of warmth, which is important to counteract the frigid Flying Saucer Attack-like ambience of songs like “Realistic Beat” and the tense industrial grit of “The Great Minnesota Train Wreck.”

While dwelling within the realms of electronic ambient music, Laramee proves himself to be an artist with a boundless horizon and limitless imagination.

Click here to reserve your copy of this album on vinyl or digital ahead of its October 15 release. If you live in the UK or Europe, click here instead.


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