Single Premiere: “See Through,” by Slow Dawn

Centripetal Force and Cardinal Fuzz Records have teamed up again to unleash yet another absolute cosmic ripper—Into The Machine Haus by Slow Dawn.

Dropping on May 13th, but available today for preorder on extremely limited vinyl (250 copies!), this album is a roaring blast of darkly heavy acid rock. The Ottawa-based band funnels everything from kosmische jamming to shoegaze-y walls of distortion and even some gothic industrial frost into their thunderous music.

This can be especially felt on the lead single from Into The Machine Haus, “See Through,” which bashes your eardrums with a spellbinding beat, blazing guitars and gale force saxophone solos. Check it out below:

Sounding like an unholy union of Hawkwind, The Vacant Lots and Spacemen 3, Slow Dawn fills each and every second of song space here with a raw, white-hot energy set to a deafening volume. This is a record that is not for the faint of heart.

Click here to preorder your copy on digital or black vinyl today. (All UK buyers, please click here instead).

While you’re checking this release out on Centripetal Forces’ Bandcamp page, be sure to also check out their CD, blue and also black vinyl editions of Kungens Ljud & Bild, by Swedish psychedelic wizards, Kungens Män, which was also announced today.


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