Wet Tuna’s latest record, Warping All By Yourself, is Matt Valentine letting loose his funkier side to astounding effect.

Released today on Three Lobed Recordings, this record finds Valentine cruising solo (much like what the title suggests) with the help of some guests. Despite not featuring the input of fellow Tuna Pat Gubler, the tracks here still continue the astral wandering spirit the duo initially forged together. In fact, this record documents a shift or evolution of that spirit into something that grooves a bit harder. This is a Wet Tuna record you could dance to pretty much from start to finish.

Tracks like “So Much Vibe in The World” feature swaying rhythms and heavy thumping beats that make it impossible to stand or sit still. Much like previous Tuna efforts, the music here is still very swampy and awash with multiple layers of melty phased guitars, but the beats firmly recall the most fried moments of George Clinton and Sly & The Family Stone.

There’s even a beautiful moment on the closing reprise of “Raw Food,” where Valentine’s guitar mimics a clavinet fed through a wah-wah pedal, and it bridges the funk of Stevie Wonder to the cosmic roots sounds of Garth Hudson. This smooth hybridization of styles and sounds helps to make this album perhaps the most accessible Wet Tuna record to date.

Elsewhere on the album, you’re treated to sauntering slow-motion Eddie Hazel jams (“Sweet Chump Change”), monstrous Moebius & Plank-like dub hallucinations (“Ain’t No Turnin’ Back”) and mellow meditations (“Kinda Feelin Good”) that coast along with the positivity and warmth of a bright sunny spring afternoon.

To quote the aforementioned Mr. Clinton, this is a record that just screams, “Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!Click here to get your copy from Three Lobed Recordings today.

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