New Music Video and Album by Eli Winter Announced

Eli Winter is easily one of the brightest talents in the world of solo guitar music to have emerged over the last several years, and the arrival of any new material by the young musician is a cause for celebration. However, the record that’s been announced today, a self-titled LP due to be released through Three Lobed Recordings on August 19th, is a rare piece of beauty that is so loaded with heart and gifted guest musicians, everyone reading this should be utterly ecstatic right now.

Winter’s free and emotive fingerpicking is joined by a very full backing band that assists in transforming the tracks into soul stirring masterpieces of folk and country inspired gold. Throughout the album, you’ll find Tyler Damon slaying on a drum kit while Sam Wagster mans the pedal steel and Jordan Reyes takes synthesizer duties. Additionally, the great Jaimie Branch makes an appearance on flugelhorn, and on one song, David Grubbs provides harmonium drones. Winter is also joined on guitar by some of the most innovative masters of the instrument today, such as Yasmin Williams, Ryley Walker and Cameron Knowler.

The album even includes vocals (a first for a Winter record), beautifully sung by Giulia Chiappetta and Liz Downing (who also plays bowed banjo).

It’s safe to say this is a massive leap forward for Winter, who, along with his collaborators, is creating mini-symphonies that bend all notions of genre, while being still centered around fingerpicked guitar.

To have your first taste of this one of a kind album, check out the brand new video for the record’s first single, the hopeful “For a Chisos Bluebonnet:”

Directed by Josiah Lydon, this video is a charming and light vision that pairs perfectly with the sanguine nature of the song and the entire LP as a whole.

Click here to preorder Eli Winter on black or green vinyl or digital today. You’ll be ever so glad you did.


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