This week’s episode is a good catch up of what I’ve been listening to lately, including new music by many RCU faves like Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble, Joseph Allred, Lou Turner and many others. Check it out below!

  1. Keith Speaks! (1)
  2. Mögliche, Mögliche | Rekursiv- Primoridal Undermind – An Imaginal Abydos
  3. Khedmat Be KhalqخدماتبهخلقNaujawanan Baidar – Khedmat Be Khalq
  4. Effigy – Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble – Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble II
  5. In Essence – OHMA – Between All Things
  6. Sylvio – Austin Leonard Jones – Dead Calm
  7. Dance of the Fair Folk – Joseph Allred – The Rambles & Rags of Shiloh
  8. My Ride – Matthew Himes – Hold Tight/My Ride
  9. Keith Speaks! (2)
  10. Dream Another – Makaya McCraven – In These Times
  11. A Clean Patch of Ground – Small Sur – Attic Room
  12. Microcosmos – Lou Turner – Microcosmos
  13. What Do You Do (He Never Saw You) [live] – Tim Buckley – Live at The Folklore Center, NYC, 3/6/67
  14. Hot Peace – More Klementines – Who Remembers Light?
  15. In The Mountains of Sour Grass – Duncan Park – In The Floodplain of Dreams
  16. Correlation – Andrew Tuttle – Fleeting Adventure
  17. A Holographic Conversation – Tarotplane – The Ektachrome Dawn
  18. Keith Speaks! (3)
  19. The Man in Me – Bob Dylan – New Morning

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