John Paul Bohon – Scheele’s Green

This Bandcamp Friday, do not miss out on John Paul Bohon’s ambient epic, Scheele’s Green.

Available through Aural Canyon, this collection of cosmic soundscapes was slowly crafted over a period of three years. Bohon worked tirelessly to ensure that each track featured all of the right ingredients to produce the desired tone and atmosphere.

Utilizing synthesizers, field recordings and a ton of effects, Bohon constructed these spacey pieces to be your main focus. Each track takes you off into very particular places, mindsets and sonic environments. Cuts like the very Jan Hammer-like “Laurie,” even feel like journeys into ethereal dream dimensions.

If the world is getting to be too much for you sometime, just turn off the lights, burn some incense and lay back and let Scheele’s Green bring you to a far more relaxed state. Click here to get this album on cassette or digital today.



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