Shades of the sensual and the unreal sway and slink throughout the latest single by experimental pedal steel exotica artist, The Far Sound.

The Far Sound, A.K.A Rick Pedrosa from Abronia and Federale, appears to be informed by everything from bluegrass to psychedelic rock to even classical Hindustani music. You hear all of these influences speaking at an equally loud volume all across this self-titled LP. This is especially true with the record’s new single, the hypnotic “Finding The Temple.” Check it out:

The track features a primordial thumping drum beat, waltzing banjo and pedal steel and shadowy organ work that’s fit for a somnambulist dance party. This is a track that sneaks about and saunters with a raw, red-eyed passion. Being such a cinematic and evocative tune, you can practically smell the frankincense, red wine and fresh jasmine perfume of a temple ceremony whenever you play it. If this is the kind of vibe you appreciate, then just wait until you hear the whole album.

The Far Sound is available for digital and cassette preorders from Centripetal Force Records now, ahead of its June 2nd release date. Click here to buy yours today.



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