Erin Pellnat – Do It For Dinero [Indie Folk/Folk Pop]


Erin Pellnat’s “Do it for Dinero” is a delightfully strange song that never ceases to surprise and entertain.

The submission email that I received for this track had “unusual female songwriter song for your consideration” in the subject header, and within the body of the email, Erin further noted that this track “sounds very, well…different.” These hints not only were enough to get my attention, but they proved to be a fairly accurate description.

The song starts with a fade in of some light, poppy electro-dance music, which leads you to believe that the entire track is going to head in that direction. Suddenly without warning, the sound quickly vanishes and is replaced by—of all things—an accordion!

When I first listened to this song, this moment absolutely caught me off guard and I had to check to make sure that I didn’t accidentally skip to some other artist. In fact, I still jump a little bit at this point in the track every time that I play it.

The accordion is accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar, playing a soft rumba rhythm, bright percussion and Pellnat’s graceful vocals.

Singing in a warm, relaxed voice that is at times reminiscent of Rebecca Sugar’s, Pellnat describes doing everything from dressing like a rodeo whore to smiling while being shot by arrows, just to make some money. There’s a dark humor here about what one (especially a woman) must do in order to get by and survive in modern society. It reminds you that wherever you go and whatever you do, your fellow human beings are all around you, just trying to make a living, exactly like you are. After you hear this song, you really feel the need to start leaving a bigger tip.

Why not help Pellnat make a bit more dinero yourself and buy this and her other songs via her Bandcamp page?




Published by Record Crates United

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