Prana Crafter – Enter The Stream


Turn off your mind, relax and float down Prana Crafter’s Stream.

From hushed astral folk that is not dissimilar to the likes of Fit & Limo and Linda Perhacs, to waves of loose Kraut-ambient improvisations that easily fit somewhere between the works of Cosmic Jokers and Popol Vuh, Prana Crafter (real name William Sol) here weaves a vivid tapestry of enchanting psychedelic sounds and otherworldly moods.

All throughout this excellent record, the Washington state artist blends buzzing drones, reverb-soaked electric guitars and gentle acoustic strumming along with spacy atmospherics in a way that is both deeply relaxing and profoundly dreamy. For instance, “The Spell” sways with menacing fuzz-guitar, ghostly vocals and hypnotic effects that fittingly leaves the listener feeling as if they’ve been placed under some sort of incantation.

Speaking of fitting titles, Enter The Streammay be one of the most apt record names ever. From the rural psychedelia of “Old North Wind” to the interstellar explorations of “Kosmic Eko” and beyond, this entire album feels as though you’re slipping into a calm river of sound that flows over and around you, carrying you off to some sort of new mystical, ethereal plane of existence.

If the summer heat’s getting you down, then you should let the cooling music of Prana Crafter to chill you way, way out.

If you’re in the US, you can order Enter The Stream on vinyl and CD from the good folks over at Sunrise Ocean Bender and if you’re in the UK, you can nab it via Cardinal Fuzz. If you’re a cassette-head, then you can find this album on tape through Eggs in Aspic.






Published by Record Crates United

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