Son of Buzzi – In Nächster Nähe/ In Weiter Ferne


With everything happening in the world right now, it’s important to remember that it’s healthy to pause. Pause and breathe within the space between thoughts and actions. It seems that the beauty and quiet hidden inside these little breaks is what inspired Son of Buzzi’s latest release.

The songs on In Nächster Nähe/ In Weiter Ferne are calm meditations on 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, which were composed to resonate and fill the room. You can hear each strum and every note ring out and become absorbed by the confines of Buzzi’s (AKA Blind Joey Deaf’s) studio. In this way, every second of sound feels savored and appreciated. You get the impression that Deaf is more concerned with how his instrument cuts and carries through the silence, again emphasizing the breaks between actions, or in this case, notes.

This theme is made even more apparent by the various field recordings of crickets, train whistles and passing cars that punctuate the album. Deaf’s guitar playing is as subtle and sweet as ever, making you feel as though his guitar playing is somehow an extension of the sonic environment on the outside world.

This relaxed and spacious approach to fingerpicking and the album’s overall production make for a deeply soothing listen. This is the kind of album that hits best when you listen to it through large noise canceling headphones with your eyes closed, while laying in bed.

If you’re a fan of Daniel Bachman, James Blackshaw and Gwenifer Raymond, then you need to grab this album today, and let it take you somewhere very peaceful.

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