Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States of Alchemy – Under an Endless Sky

Dorothy Moskowitz, of the pioneering ’60’s experimental rock group, The United States of America, is still pushing boundaries and defining what it is to be an “experimental artist.”

Available today from our friends at Tompkins Square Records, Under an Endless Sky is a wholly unique beast. The record finds the legendary Moskowitz combining her creative forces with the equally adventurous electronic composer Francesco Paolo Paladino and composer and writer Luca Chino Ferrari. Together, along with a crack team of string and woodwind players and percussionists, they sculpted an alien soundscape full of modal melodies and iridescent tones.

Using only virtual sounds without the aid of guitar, bass or drums, the team of avant-garde artists created pieces of music that will forever be timeless. With singing bowl and chime sound baths, doomsday accordion assaults and mutated ballads, the songs on this record do not sound current, nor dated, but instead, they appear as though they came from an entirely different dimension altogether.

Tracks like “The Disappearance of Fireflies” feature kaleidoscopic arrays of Moskowitz’s soft dancing vocals, flute trills and rippling harp, recalling the modern work of fellow cult artist Linda Perhacs. Meanwhile, other pieces, like the sprawling 23-minute “Under an Endless Sky,” graft reedy drones and electronic pulses to swelling string sections. The record is a vast collage of extremely disparate sounds and styles, and yet Moskowitz, Paladino and Ferrari find ways to marry them all together harmoniously.

If you enjoy albums that are endlessly daring, wholly original and alive with an intrepid spirit, then give Under an Endless Sky a try. Click here to order your copy on CD or digital today.



Published by Record Crates United

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