Joseph Allred’s latest, For The Fallen Dawn, is a collection of meditative solo instrumentals that takes your mind through muggy river baptisms, over scorching dunes under a Saharan sky and deep within shadowy forests at twilight.

Available now through Island House Recordings, this album features the Tennessee-dwelling Allred drawing on elements of blues fingerpicking, Spanish lute and Arabic oud modes and rhythms. I believe Allred plays on the guitar, lute and banjo for this record, but truthfully, they play the instruments in such a way that their close lineage is prominently revealed, and it can be sometimes hard to tell exactly which one you’re actually hearing.

Each piece is filled with lyrical melodies and curlicue side tangents that spiral off nimbly, like the spreading tendrils of a sprawling pumpkin vine. Allred establishes calmed and contemplative moods through just their expressive fingerpicking alone (but the ever present background layer of nighttime forest sounds definitely helps set the vibe as well). With elegant string bends, quick barrages of flurried notes and intricate, hypnotic leads, the act of listening to these songs closely is as zen as can be.

No matter if you’re a longtime follower of Allred or if you’re totally new to their music, this is a gorgeous listen that will reward you every time. Click here to get your copy today.



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